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Frontend Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023

Penumbra brings privacy to proof-of-stake, allowing users to transact, stake, swap, and marketmake without disclosing their personal information, account activity, or trading strategies to the entire world – while still permitting selective disclosure to appropriate parties. Working at Penumbra Labs is a unique opportunity to work on exciting problems and build new financial infrastructure, and offers a collaborative work environment and a meaningful stake in the creation of a new protocol.


We are seeking a talented Frontend Engineer to join our team and play a crucial role in building a best-in-class user experience for our web interfaces and creating external web developer tooling. As a Frontend Engineer, you will be at the forefront of translating protocol API’s into intuitive interfaces. Your work will directly impact the usability and adoption of Penumbra, as well as enable third-party developers to build on top of our platform.

The right candidate will drive interface development and the evolution of our web capabilities for our ecosystem—all the while documenting learnings and relaying feedback to core protocol developers. Further, the role will work very closely with design to bring new UIs and components to life. This role sits at the intersection of web engineering, UI development, and ecosystem tooling.

Must have:

  • Expertise in modern web development technology stack. We use Typescript, React, Zustand, TailwindCSS, TurboRepo, Zod, Radix UI, gRPC, protobufs, & web assembly.
  • Proficiency in writing type-safe code in Typescript, writing generics, working within strict-mode, and minimizing use of any’s.
  • Familiarity with testing frameworks like Jest/Vitest & writing high-coverage code.
  • Understanding of frontend performance optimization: lazy loading, code splitting, optimizing static assets, using web workers.
  • Knowledge of web UI and UX design principles
  • Soft skills: Good communication, problem-solving skills, and a capacity for working with internal and external teams
  • Strong grasp of system design and ability to learn how different layers of the Penumbra and Cosmos stack interact

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Chrome extension development and service workers.
  • Experience with blockchain systems and understanding of web 3 development patterns
  • Familiarity with applied cryptographic technologies
  • Experience with Cosmos SDK and/or Tendermint
  • Experience with Rust and WebAssembly/wasm-pack
  • Experience contributing to open source projects and communities

Who you are

You have the aforementioned engineering and collaboration skills.

You’ll be working in our nascent frontend and interfaces stack from day one. You are a frontend and web-stack expert with an interest in blockchains and Rust.

You have strong skills for public, asynchronous, remote work

Penumbra Labs is a remote organization, building in public. You should have excellent written and verbal communication skills to coordinate with and make your work legible to the rest of the team and – as the project grows – to outside collaborators and stakeholders.

You’re excited to build the systems you want to see in the world

You’ll be building new, decentralized infrastructure for economic coordination. You should be interested in thinking about how the systems you’re building reflect your values, and you should be excited about the challenge of trying to build solutions, not just analyze problems.

How to apply

Apply using the form with:
1. your name and pronouns,
2. your resume/cv,
3. a brief description of your interest in the role,
4. a sample or description of your technical work.

This sample could be public links to code you’ve written, or, if your best work has happened behind closed doors, it can be a description of what you built in enough detail for us to understand it.